Mid-Week Draw Online

Frequent visitors to Brighton Museum will know that on a Wednesday afternoon Museum Lab is transformed into an artistic hub of creativity.

Our Museum Support Officer Beth organises the Mid-Week Draw. We invite people to join us for a few hours to sit in peace and draw objects from our collections. With a different selection of objects each week, often themed, the Mid-Week Draw has become popular with both regular artists, complete beginners or just visitors who drop in as they enjoy the museum.

With the current circumstances of Covid-19, we have decided to move the Draw online, so that our regular artists can continue their creativity and maybe even inspire others to join in and draw. Each week Beth will look though our digitalised collections and choose a few objects to hopefully motivate you pick up a pencil.
She’s started us off this week with her selection and her drawings, take a look

Draw Artists

We are very pleased to see that some of you have taken part in our online Mid-Week Draw, here are some of the fantastic works that have been sent in.


Join In

If you are tempted to have a go, please share your drawings with us, we would love to see them. Email them to Beth at beth.burr@brighton-hove.gov.uk Tweet @BrightonMuseums or if you are uploading them to Facebook with pride, share the url in the comments section below.

Come back next Wednesday to see what new objects Beth has chosen.

Just in case you’re not inspired by any of these from our collection, here are some other drawing ideas to try at home instead:
  • Draw an object with a single line, not taking your pencil / pen off the page (Beth did the bison as an example)
  • Draw a fruit or vegetable sliced open
  • Combine animals to make your own mythical creature
  • Draw every meal you eat for a week
  • Enjoy it!

Discover More

The Mid-Week Draw

Beth Burr, Museum Support Officer

6 Responses

  1. Ann k

    Hi Beth, really sorry i missed the first online session! I didn’t think to check on the museum’s website & ‘cos i hadn’t heard i assumed it hadn’t been poss to organise… great you are doing this & i will of course join in next Wed!
    Ps love the bird xxxxx

  2. Beth

    Hi Ann (& everyone else)!
    Thanks for the message you sent. The sessions are running all the time, not just on a Wed, so you can draw whenever it suits you & how inspired you are feeling!
    We are going to add new images online every Wednesday so there are new objects to draw. The old ones will still be there incase you want to come back to an object another time, or finish a drawing etc.
    Hope that helps!
    Hope you enjoy the sessions
    Beth X

  3. Jo Holmes

    My brother sent me the info about your draw. I loved the bull finch so gave it a go

    Thank you

    • Beth

      Hi Jo
      Thank you for your message & letting us know that you had a go at drawing the bull finch! Its a great bird to draw isn’t it – lots of character!
      If you want to email a photo of your drawing to me we can upload it & put it online. Its always great to see how people get on & how the subject matter is interpreted! My email address is:
      The next images will go live later today, so pop back this afternoon if you want to have a go at some other museum objects in our collection. As before, there is no rush to get your picture done in one session as the images will be on for a long time!
      Best wishes!

    • kevinbacon

      Hello Lynne,

      I’ve spoken to Beth and there are no immediate plans to bring the Midweek Draw back but it’s useful to know that it’s missed.

      We’ll update our website and announce on our newsletter if it is to return.



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