100 Pioneering Women of Sussex!

To celebrate the 100 First Women Portraits exhibition at Brighton Museum we are launching a blog series called ‘100 Pioneering Women of Sussex’.

Martha Gunn,Brighton bather. Oil painting, British School, c1790

A blog a day will be published each day of the exhibition from 15 February until 7 June. It’s a great opportunity to delve deeper into the achievements and stories of women who have a connection to our County. It will be a mix of historical and contemporary women and has been researched and written by many different voices.

It’s not a surprise that there are so many extraordinary women but many of them have never had their story recognised. And as social historian Louise Peskitt (who has written many of the upcoming blogs) says, ‘the more I delve and look, the more pioneering women I find to write about.’

From the first women doctors, to record breaking swimmers and cyclists, to Witches, to authors, the blog will showcase a huge range of incredible feats and actions, that continue to inspire.

Athlete Sally Gunnell with a union jack flag draped around her shoulders celebrating at winning a gold medal at the Barcelona Olympics, the crowd is in the background.
Sally Gunnell winning a gold medal at the Barcelona Olympics, 1992
Toupie dressed in full fencing gear standing facing the camera
Toupie Lowther, fencer

Tune in daily to discover more…..

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    • jodyeast

      Yes absolutely. We are looking for a Sussex connection. Reverend Rose features in our current exhibition, 100 First Women Portraits by Anita Corbin. She is an amazing woman.

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