FREE Discovery Day: Dying to Survive

From animals that escape death by playing dead, to those who push their bodies to the brink, join us to learn more about our world’s most extreme survivors.

Death's head hawkmoth
Death’s head hawkmoth

Handle live insects with incredible camouflage and learn about beetles that bury the dead. Meet our curators and handle specimens from our collection, learn about creatures who survive in a death-like state and experience a 3D film remembering the last great Auk. You’ll be dying to find out more!

Activities include

Meet our curators
Meet our curators

Meet our Curators

Handle real specimens from our collections! Hear some incredible stories of animals who are struggling to survive and those who push their bodies to the brink.

Ghost mantis, Mydriatic [CC BY-SA 3.0] (]
Ghost mantis, Mydriatic [CC BY-SA 3.0]
Animal handling

Handle live insects with extraordinary camouflage and those who live off decaying matter with Dorothy Stringer school.

3-D Film – Great Auk
Keulemans-Great Auk. John Gerrard Keulemans [Public domain]
​Learn the story of the wonderful Great Auk which became extinct in 1844 with a 3-D film from Site-Eye.

Survival of the dolphins of Sussex

Meet Brighton Dolphin Project. Hear how they are helping our local dolphins in their struggle for survival. Watch dolphins with their VR experience and see some fascinating marine artefacts from their collections.

Re-wilding Sussex

Play a card game with Re-wilding Sussex coordinators to discover how Sussex habitats and animal biodiversity have changed over time. Draw your own vision for how you want the environment to look in the future.

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FREE at the Booth Museum

Friday, 1 November 2019

10:30 – 16:00 drop in. All ages

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