A Moment of Wellbeing in the Royal Pavilion Gardens

A new series from the Royal Pavilion Gardeners will focus on the gardens as a place for improving wellbeing.

Robert and the team will highlight the seasonal blooms and features to take a moment and appreciate as you’re walking through. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram to see their monthly updates.

They begin with the delights of a July garden.


When you walk through the Pavilion Gardens in July, look out for the tall spires of Hollyhocks in their restful pastel colours. Single flowers were only around in Regency times, but this is good, as bees and other insects can access the pollen.

Spend some time watching the bees flitting from flower to flower.

The grass may have just been cut so do make sure you take in its scent.

July is a good time for butterflies and moths and it is very calming to sit or stand for five or ten minutes just watching them.

Robert Hill-Snook, Garden Manager

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