FREE Discovery Day: Big Butterfly Count

Join the Booth Museum to celebrate the nationwide Big Butterfly Count! Discover the wonderful world of butterflies that bring colour to our gardens and countryside each summer.

What is the Big Butterfly Count?

It is largest survey of butterflies in the world! Sir David Attenborough explains 

The Big Butterfly Count at the Booth

Join the Booth Museum as we celebrate the count.

Meet our Victorian butterfly catcher and see his collection, get up close to real live exotic insects, discover butterflies under the microscope and find out why butterflies taste with their feet!

Activities include

Pop up talks from Dr Dan Danahar

Join Dr Dan Danahar, Biodiversity Educationalist and Big Nature trustee as he talks about the Butterflies of the Biosphere and how you can create a butterfly garden!

Insect Handling

Handle some exotic insects which pollinate flowers from around the world with students from Dorothy Stringer School

Meet a Victoran Butterfly Catcher

Meet a Victorian Butterfly Catcher and follow the clues to discover the butterflies in our museum.  

Sussex Butterflies

Find out about the many kinds of local butterflies and where to find them. Pick up your own copy of the butterfly count identification chart to take part. 

Insects under the microscope: How do we tell insects apart?

Insects are some of the most varied animals on Earth, but how do we tell them apart? Do you know the difference between a butterfly and moth?  What makes an insect a bee and not a wasp?

How do Butterflies see and smell?

Butterflies have eyes made up of many cells and can see different colours from us.  Come and look at a butterfly through a microscope to see how it smells the air and feeds on nectar from flowers.

FREE at the Booth Museum,

Saturday 27 July,

10:00-16:00 drop in. All ages

Please note that this event will be packed full of fun activities which will be repeated throughout the day. As it is a free event some sign-up activities may fill up quickly, but there will be lots of drop-In and do experiences too.

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