Pavilion Review 2007

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review 2007.

February 2007

Pavilion Review February 2007
Pavilion Review February 2007

Angelica Kauffman’s Portrait of a Woman; oriental or occasional otherness?

Examining the evidence for the authenticity and explores the identity of a large-scale painting presented to Hove Museum in 1937.

A Spectacular Royal Loan: King George IV’s state bed from Windsor Castle

Describing the evolution of the design for this sumptuous bed, in light of a newly discovered drawing.

Queensbury Mews, (Part 2) 1888

Exploring one of Brighton’s smaller thoroughfares at different periods through its history. A continuation of an article in the last issue of the Pavilion Review.

New Research on Brighton and Hove’s Collection of European Art

Introducing the exciting new National Inventory Research Project (NIRP).

The Costume of Sake Dean Mahomet (1759 – 1851)

Describing the life and unique outfit of one of the most famous Brighton businessmen of the Regency period, Sake Dean Mahomet.

Titus Oates and the Popish Plot

Introducing a rum character from Brighton & Hove’s print collections. He appears in Rouges’ Gallery; Images of Crime and Punishment, the new exhibition in the Brighton Museum Prints and Drawings Gallery.

July 2007

Pavilion Review July 2007
Pavilion Review July 2007

Tom Raw, the Griffin, A colonial burlesque

Outlining Tom Raw, the Griffin which gives an insight into the life of a British man in India.

Manners and Morals – Eighteenth Century Conduct Manuals for Young Women

Looking at some of the ‘improving’ literature available to young women in the Regency period.

Queensbury Mews, (part 3) 1928 and 1962

The final part to an exploration of Queensbury Mews, an unassuming street in Brighton.

A Forum for Creative Enterprise: The North Laine in the 1970s

A discussion between Pat Thornton, designer-maker and co-founder of the cult jewellery workshop Cicada and artist Harvey Daniels about their innovatory approaches to design and retail in Brighton in the 1970s.

Loan of Royal Portrait Plaques

Describing a pair of important recent ceramic loans to Brighton Museum and their unexpected links to Brighton.

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