Pavilion Review 2005

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 2005.

July 2005

Pavilion Review July 2005
Pavilion Review July 2005

Muck and Magic

A look at the history of the Pavilion Gardens, including accounts recording the cost of the design and creation of the gardens.

‘Go to Angkor’, The Impact of Tourism on Cambodian Cultural Heritage

Detailing the conservation challenge faced by those responsible for preserving historic buildings around the world.

Out of the Blue, the rediscovery of a lost ceiling design

Describing the reconstruction of an early decorative scheme in the Saloon of the Royal Pavilion.

Of Seahorses and Cetaceans

An introduction to some new marine additions to the collections at the Booth Museum.

Man’s Best Friend? – The Dogs of Preston Manor

The stories of the lives of the faithful friends at Preston Manor told through portraits.

Art Glass of the 1950s

Describing some of the highlights from a new loan to Brighton Museum of modern glass from a London-based private collection.


An article about the unique ampersand in ‘Brighton & Hove’ and the origin of the word.

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