Pavilion Review 2004

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 2004.

July 2004

Pavilion Review July 2004
Pavilion Review July 2004

‘My old enemy…the gout!’

The stories of George IV’s health problems and illnesses including glandular inflammations, rheumatism, abdominal colic, bowel inflammations, chest problems, constipation, fevers and the gout.

Brighton meets Botswana

The story of William Charles Willoughby, a minister in the Congregational Church and a missionary with the London Missionary Society, working in both Brighton and Botswana.

A Possible Source for the Jaipur Gate at Hove Museum

Discusses the Victorian history behind the Anglo-Indian Jaipur gate in front of Hove Museum, including its uncertain future.

The Messel Family Dress Collection

Explaining the history behind some of the historic dress in the Fashion & Style gallery at Brighton Museum.

More Images of Brighton

Detailing some historic prints of the Steine, Hampton Lodge, Swiss Cottage, North Street Chapel and the Chain Pier.

Neolithic Causewayed Enclosures

An introduction to some new work being done on Brighton’s oldest monuments, including a Neolithic Causewayed Enclosure in Whitehawk.

A Romano-British dog skeleton

About the life and death of a Romano-British dog whose skeleton was excavated near Falmer. The bones were donated to the Booth Museum by the Brighton & Hove Archaeological Society in 2002.

December 2004

Pavilion Review December 2004
Pavilion Review December 2004

‘Under the chariot wheels of the Fire King’

Looking at the impact on writers of the coming of the railways, in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Trainspotting’ in the Brighton Museum Print Gallery.

Sites of Discipline, Sights of Power

The Curator of World Art reassesses the significance and context of an important collection of photographs in Brighton Museum’s World Art Collection.

W.O.W – Weapons of the World

Describing some discoveries in advance of a weaponry and body armour exhibition in the James Green Gallery of World Art.

Jewellery with a message

Exploring the hidden histories behind some of the objects selected for a jewellery exhibition in the University of Sussex Library.

Guys ‘n’ Dolls, Artists and their Creations

Previewing the work of artists Hans Bellmer, Olivier Rebufa and Michel Nedjar, included in a major exhibition at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery during Brighton Festival 2005.

The Assassination of Spencer Perceval – commemorated in clay

A look at pieces in the ceramics collection at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery which record the violent death of Prime Minister, Spencer Perceval.

Early Circulating Libraries of Brighton

Exploring circulating libraries as early centres of social life in Brighton in the 18th century.

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