Pavilion Review 1999

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 1999.

June 1999

Pavilion Review June 1999
Pavilion Review June 1999

Palace Plumbing: Steam Tables, Baths and Closets in the Royal Pavilion

Discusses the pleasures and ailments of George, Prince of Wales, in relation to the facilities at the Royal Pavilion. Bathroom and kitchen facilities are focused upon as well as the benefits from living by the sea at Brighton and the techniques of Sake Deen Mahomed, ‘Shampooing Surgeon to His Majesty King George IV’.

The Etiquette of the Edwardian Dining Room at Preston Manor

The author considers the use of the dining room designed by the architect, Charles Stanley Peach in 1905, in relation to how the room was used. The article focuses on the format of the guests, fashions in table setting and order of food types.

The Heat is on

Focusing on the heating and ventilation of the rooms at the Royal Pavilion. The author considers the problems of heating and ventilation, and the various methods used to rectify these problems. Material evidence of these previous methods is also discussed.

Exploring India’s Textile Traditions: Field Work in Gujart

This article is based on research at Gujart, India in relation to textiles, in particular, the mirror-work embroideries produced by Rabari women in Kutch, northern Gujart. The article places these textiles within their social environment as well as records the purchase of a number of items for the collection held at Brighton Museum.

New Design Purchase

Discussing a recent acquisition for the twentieth century gallery at Brighton Museum. The silver pitcher designed by Johan Rohde for Georg Jensen (founded in 1904) is noted as an important piece of Danish silverware.

Special Collections at Brighton Library

Considers a number of benefactors whom donated collections of books in the development of the library. The Clericetti collection, the Cobden Collection, the Elliott Collection, the Halliwell-Phillips Collection, the Lewis Collection, the Long Collection, the Matthews Collection and the Paine Collection are focused upon.

Indian Imitation Shawls a Look at some of the Shawls in the Collection

Covers the production and consumption of shawls from the Kashmir shawls which were first brought to Europe during the 18th century as part of trade with India. Changes in manufacture and the effects of fashion are both focused upon based on the collection held at Brighton Museum.

The Wolseley Bequest at Hove Library

Considers the setting up of Hove Library, and the collection of artefacts, including letters and notes, as well as investments, donated by Viscountess Frances Garner Wolseley to Hove Library. The article also provides a mini-biography of Frances Wolseley.

The lnsiprational Bug: The 1999 Summer Exhibition at The Booth Museum of Natural History, 5 June- 19 September

Discussing the summer exhibition held at the Booth Museum, which took the notion of the role of insects in relation to art and design. This exhibition is placed within the context of the collections of insects held at the Booth Museum itself.

Taking Tea in Style

The article focus on the collection of eighteenth­ twentieth century ceramics held at the tearoom at Hove Museum. The author also acknowledges the recent donation of a silver tea-urn by Herner and Butty (1764) and teawares in Worchester porcelain (1760- 1770).

The Camera Obscura in Sussex

Traces the history of the camera obscura in Sussex, including its popularity during the Victorian era and the three working camera obscuras currently in Sussex. The three main uses of the camera obscura – artistic, astronomical and a form of seaside entertainment are also pointed up.

The Art of Fashion: Painting and Prints From Brighton and Hove’s Fine Art Collection 

The article provides a critique of the exhibition held at Hove Museum which explored the theme of dress. The article points up the various forms of dress investigated in the images, dating from the late eighteenth-late twentieth century.

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