Pavilion Review 2006

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 2006.

February 2006

Pavilion Review February 2006
Pavilion Review February 2006

A Palatial Childhood

An account recalling the unique experience of growing up as the son of the Director of the Royal Pavilion.

Hubert de Burgh and Portslade Manor

Detailing the history behind the ruins of 12th century Portslade Manor, specifically the story of one of the owners Hubert de Burgh who was a Justiciar under King John.

W.J. Leathem’s The Battle of Trafalgar

Exploring the broad canvas of one of Brighton & Hove Museums’ largest paintings, hung to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

The Hove Dome

Covering the story of the short-lived Anthaeum, a dome in Hove built in 1833 intended as a conservatory and for gardening.

The Cult of Aestheticism 1870 – 1900

The social implications of Aestheticism, a late-Victorian cult of fashion and taste.

King Theodore and the Buzzard’s Egg

Uncovering the exciting provenance of an egg specimen in the Booth Museum.

July 2006

Pavilion Review July 2006
Pavilion Review July 2006

Queensbury Mews, 1818 – 1962: Part 1

Detailing stories of Queensbury Mews, an unassuming street in Brighton, and the rich histories it holds.

The Oriental Gardens and the ill-fated Athenaeum

Further detail of the Athenaeum, a dome in Hove built in 1833 intended as a conservatory and for gardening, mentioned in the previous issue of the Pavilion Review.

Dragons in Detail, a newly discovered design for a Royal Pavilion Carpet

An exciting new find of the original design of the Saloon carpet by Robert Jones in the Axminster Carpet factory archives.

A Peep into the Past, a Brighton Optical Toy

A new acquisition of a ‘peep egg’, an optical toy consisting of an alabaster cylinder with a lens through which the viewer could glimpse pictures housed in the ‘egg’.

Shan Court Textiles from Burma

Putting into context a recent donation of textiles and accessories to the World Art Collection at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery by Sao Sanda Simms.

Reawakening the Spirit of Brighton

Describing some pieces in the Rex Whistler: The Triumph of Fancy gallery at Brighton Museum, especially ‘Allegory: HRH The Prince Regent Awakening the Spirit of Brighton’.

John Benett-Stanford: A Pioneer War Photographer

An article detailing the undervalued achievements of the last Lord of the Manor of Preston.

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