Pavilion Review 1993

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 1993.

Number 1

Pavilion Review 1993, issue 1
Pavilion Review 1993, issue 1

Re-Presenting Non-Western Art And Ethnography At Brighton

The article explores the development of the refurbished Ethnography collections, focusing on the notion of the implications of objectification.

Colonel Green’s Burma: Peoples And Textiles Of The 1920s

The article recounts the collection of artefacts amassed by James Henry Green (1893-1975) and considers his attitude at the time towards his work. A number of artefacts are denoted as currently on display.

Old Blocks For New: The Reprinting Of The Dragon Wallpaper

The wallpaper at the Royal Pavilion is discussed in relation to issues of reconstruction. The article focuses on the issue of making, with specific reference to the dragon wallpaper.

All Manner Of Strange And Hideous Monsters: Ellen Thomas-Stanford’s Edwardian Cabinet Of Curiosities

The article explores the collection of Blanc de Chine as accumulated by Ellen Thomas-Stanford and displayed at Preston Manor. The article focuses on some of the misconceptions regarding the artefacts origins and their design.

Len Shelley Story Boxes Booth Museum Of Natural History

The article considers the work of Len Shelley, whose story boxes are displayed at the Booth Museum.

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