Pavilion Review 1991

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 1991.

Number 1

Pavilion Review 1991, issue 1
Pavilion Review 1991, issue 1

The Museum of Brighton in the Lanes

Describes the stages of development in planning a Museum of Brighton at the site of the Holy Trinity Church. The article encourages the giving of donations.

A Frederick Crace Book of Designs

Provides an account of a recent donation, a book of assorted designs by Frederick Crace (1779-1859). The article focuses on the relationship of Frederick Crace with the Prince of Wales regarding the issue of design. The account also discusses the work of Robert Jones.

Fashion Plates as a Source for Costume History

Describes the history of fashion plates / magazines and their usefulness as historical evidence. The article also describes the collection of sources available at the Museum’s archive.

The Gardens at Preston Manor, Brighton

Recounts the aims of the restoration of Preston Manor gardens and the process involved. The article also considers changes in fashion regarding gardens from the 13th century.

‘Always Ready, Never Fails’

The article recounts the recent donation of a number of copies of Victorian trade periodicals to Brighton Museum. The article deals with a number of artefacts, focusing on a housemaid’s box and an ‘Imperial Grenade’.

The Place of Exhibitions

The article deals with some of the differences between permanent and non-permanent exhibitions in relation to the spatial environment. The article ends with a summary of forthcoming exhibitions.

The Romance of the ‘Primitive’, Part One, 1905-48

The article takes the issue of the romance of the ‘other’, focusing on the influence of artefacts from Africa in relation to the work of the Modernist Movement.

A Brighton Pipemaker

The article deals with recent finds of a number of clay pipes in Brighton. The article focuses on issues of production of pipes as well as their relevance within the history of ceramics.

Mammals Past and Present

Donald Bruce discusses his career, and the recent exhibition of his drawings of animals at the Booth Museum.

Cat Among the Exhibits

Recounts the making and installing of a donation box in the form of a giant cat, based on a pair of cats by Emile Galle which are exhibited at Brighton Museum.

Number 2

Pavilion Review 1991, issue 2
Pavilion Review 1991, issue 2

Queen Victoria And The Royal Pavilion: “A Strange, Odd, Chinese Looking Place”

The article provides a detailed study of the reconstruction of the ‘Queen Victoria’ rooms (including the Maid’s Room and the Closet) in relation to previous reconstructions. The article also deals with the Queen’s attitude to the Royal Pavilion and towards Brighton.

Romance of the Primitive: Part Two 1948 – 1990

A continuation from an article published in 1991 No. 1 which explores the relationship between the projection of western and non-western art. This article focuses on the projection mainly in America.

The Ernest Box Collection of Chinese Deities in Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

The article identifies a number of the figures of deities held in the collection at Brighton Museum, discussing a number of changes in their design as well as emphasizing the importance of the collection.

Might in Miniature: Dinosaur Stamps at the Booth Museum 

The article recounts the presentation at the Booth Museum with regards to the issuing of a set of stamps marking the classification of a new reptile group, dinosaurs, during 1841.

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