Pavilion Review 1989

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 1989

Number 1

Pavilion Review 1989, issue 1
Pavilion Review 1989, issue 1

The Rock Clock

Recounts Her Majesty The Queen’s recent loan of the Rock Clock to mark the completion of the restoration of the Music Room at the Royal Pavilion. A brief history of the clock in relation to the original designs at the time of the Prince Regent is also provided.

The Royal Pavilion Estate as a War Hospital

Recounts the use of the Royal Pavilion, (especially the Music Room) for the nursing of Indian soldiers during World War I. The article focuses on the practicalities of nursing soldiers from a number of religions. The later part of the article looks at the works of the artist, C. H. H. Burleigh, whom recalled this event through paintings.

Pots and Pans and All That

Provides a study of changes within the home, focusing on the kitchen and its appliance, from the late Victorian to the Edwardian. This study is placed in relation to the forthcoming restoration of the kitchen at the Preston Manor. Consideration is also given to the role of servants within a manor house during this time period.

Modern Design Donations

Records the donations of a cast glass brooch by Lalique, a Liberty’s pewter cup and a plaque by Miklos. The article also considers a donation of a Susie Cooper earthenware jug.

Windows for the Museum

Recounts the donation of two stained glassed windows to Brighton Museum. The windows date from c.1890 and have been restored by staff at Royal Pavilion & Museums.

New Acquisition

Describes the recently purchased pencil sketch by John Gregory Crace in c.1863 for a proposed interior scheme for the Pavilion. The article focuses on the relationship between Crace. the Pavilion Committee and the Council as well as discusses the sketch in terms of design.

The Brighton and Hove Geological Society

The author looks at the history of the relationship between the Booth Museum and local societies, concentrating on the Brighton and Hove Geological Society.

Serendipity by Snowdon 

Recounts the exhibition on the work of Lord Snowdon.

Number 2

Pavilion Review 1989, issue 2
Pavilion Review 1989, issue 2

Treasures From Sussex Churches

Recounts the significance of an exhibition held at Brighton Museum that explored artefacts from Sussex Christian churches in relation to the role that the church had within social history.

Guatemalan Textiles: Recent and Not-so Recent Acquisitions

Recalls Guatemalan textile artefacts displayed at the Brighton Museum in relation to traditions of production and consumption of garments and accessories.

A Bequest of Sèvres Vases

Recounts the recent donation of two, nearly four feet in height, Sèvres vases, 1863. The article describes the process of making and Marie Durant who was responsible for their design.

A Léger and Nadelman loan to the Art Gallery

The article describes the loan of two works; the painting Deux Figures by Fernand Léger (1929) and the sculpture by Elie Nadelman, Apollo (c.1913) in relation to the wider fields of the art world during the period of construction.

Booth Goes ‘Green’

Recounts the project at the Booth Museum of a wildlife survey of the Borough. Local community groups and volunteers collected the information, with the aim to create a database for the Council’s Wildlife Conservation Plan.

Creative Arts Workshops

Recounts a workshop held in conjunction with the exhibition Serendipity by Snowdon, where disabled and able-bodied people of all ages explored the theme of the self-portrait in its broadest sense.

Bailey Now!

Promotes an exhibition of the work of the photographer David Bailey at Brighton Museum which included a number of portraitures and images from Papua New Guinea and Sudan.

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