Pavilion Review 1988

Index to articles published in the Pavilion Review in 1988.

Number 1

Pavilion Review 1988, issue 1
Pavilion Review 1988, issue 1

The Royal Visit: A Commemorative Issue

Relates to the visit from HRH Prince Charles.

New Staff

An article which introduces new members of staff at the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

Painting with egg!

Recounts a workshop held at Brighton Museum which experimented with using egg tempera following recipes from the 15th century in relation to how  it would have been used traditionally. The advantages and disadvantages are discussed.

An Important Acquisition for the Booth Museum

Recounts the newly acquired collection of Monographs of the Paleontological Society dating from 1847-1963, and their relevance and significance to the Booth Museum.

Brighton’s Victorian Portrait Photographers

This article traces the social history of photography during the Victorian period in relation to its use and development in Brighton during this time period focusing on the experience of the sitters as well as the photographers.

Brighton Heritage Museum

A brief report on the development of the acquisition of a site in Ship Street aimed to be used as a museum concerned with the heritage of Brighton as a seaside resort.

The Royal Visit

Documents the visit from HRH Prince Charles, incorporating a number of photographs from the day.

Announcing the opening of the new Pavilion Shop

Describes the opening of the shop at the site of No. 4 and 5 Pavilion Buildings. The article documents the aims of a shop connected to the Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museum.

Lighting of the Royal Pavilion Estate

Recounts the restoration of the lampstands at the Royal Pavilion Gardens as part of the recreation of the ground, in relation to the significance of the artefacts in terms of technology and design.

From Space Woman to Edwardian Lady

This article looks at the clothing worn in Britain during the 1960s-70s in relation to an exhibition held at Brighton Museum.

Shadowland: photographs by Gordon Anthony, 1926-1952

A detailed account of the life and work of the photographer, Gordon Anthon, in relation to an exhibition of his work held at Brighton Museum (see also related article 1987, No.3).

Yolngu: Aboriginal Cultures of North Australia

An article which relates to an exhibition held at Brighton Museum concerned with the issue of the traditions and culture of Northern Aborigines, focusing on the notion of dream time, and the fight for the preservation of their indigenous culture.

Number 2

Pavilion Review 1988, issue 2
Pavilion Review 1988, issue 2

Museum of Brighton

Recounts the development and use of the Holy Trinity Church in Ship Street from the time it was built in 1817 to its present acquisition with the intended aim of its being established as the Museum of Brighton.

Brighton’s Early Art Exhibitions

An overview of a number of international exhibitions held at Brighton Museum during the early twentieth-century in relation to the wider context of the art world at the time. The article focuses in on Modern French Artists and the Exhibition of the Work of English Post-Impressionists, Cubists and Others.

The Royal Pavilion Shop

Recounts the opening of the Royal Pavilion shop at No.4 and 5 Pavilion Buildings (see related article, 1988, No.1).

“Situations Vacant”

As part of the opening of the servants’ quarters at Preston Manor, the article recounts the use of role play for visiting children to participate in application of a servant’s job appropriate to the Edwardian era.

“Baled Over”

Critique of an exhibition of photography at the Booth Museum concerned with the issue of damage accrued by the great gale in 1987, focusing on the effects to the forestland.

Not Just a Pair of Old Jeans!

Recounts an exhibition held at Brighton Museum concerned with the social impact of denim. The article recalls the materials incorporation into the fashion system.

The Artist in Residence Scheme at the Booth Museum of Natural History

Recounts a tactile exhibition held of the work of the artist in residence, Reece Ingram, whom surrounded his workshop space at the Booth Museum. The article indicates the exhibition’s accessibility to the blind and visually impaired.

Christmas Exhibitions Three Special Exhibitions for the Christmas period

The article provides details of three exhibitions held especially for the Christmas period; How Pleasant To Know Mr, Lear, Doll’s Houses and Victorian Christmas.

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