Late Night at the Booth: Oceans Exposed

Join us at the Booth Museum of Natural History on 15 November to mark the 250th anniversary of the extinction of Steller’s Sea Cow.

Hear the stories of this incredible animal and discover the menagerie of creatures that live beneath the waves in Brighton. Can we learn from our past mistakes to protect the marine life of the future?

Tompot Blenny © Paul Naylor, Sussex Wildlife Trust
Tompot Blenny © Paul Naylor, Sussex Wildlife Trust

Pop Up Talk Programme

painted top-shell image copyright Paul Naylor Sussex Wildlife Trust

The Tale of Steller’s Sea Cow: A Fluke Discovery

Michael Blencowe (Sussex Wildlife Trust)

Hear the tale of Georg Wilhelm Steller’s voyage, his discovery of Steller’s Sea Cow and the demise of this majestic creature.

Lost Species Day: Shadow of the Sea Cow

Matthew Stanfield (Lost Species Day researcher) and Persephone Pearl (ONCA Gallery)

Find out about Lost Species Day and our relationship with ocean giants past, present and future. What can we learn from demise of Steller’s Sea Cow to prevent the loss of todays most treasured marine mega fauna.

Our Living Seas

Sarah Ward (Sussex Wildlife Trust)

Learn about our local weird and wonderful creatures that live beneath the waves in the seas of the Sussex coast and how you can help to protect them.

Interactive Activities

jellyfish copyright Paul NaylorSussex Wildlife Trust

Object Handling

Get hands on with skulls and other objects from the Booth Museum’s marine collection

Ocean Physics & Interactives

Learn how marshmallows can teach us about the pressures of deep sea diving, feel what it’s like to have whale blubber and more! In our interactive demos from the Incredible Oceans team (Instagram @Incredoceans)

Hang out with our Mermaid

Take a “shellfie” with our mermaid and try out some eco-glitter

Try our Under the Sea themed cocktail or have a cheeky “Steller”at our Pay bar!

The evening will be complemented with a bespoke oceans by a debut soundscape generously composed for the Booth by an audio engineer from the Natural History Museum.

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