Museum Tales 4: The Rebellious Octogenarian

The Rebellious Octogenarian

(A Reply to Jenny Joseph)


Oh Jenny Joseph, you’ve a lot to answer for!

I thought old age could be endured,

by simply wearing purple, and unsuitable footwear,

eating large quantities of sausages and not caring

when I shocked people in the street.

Alas, it is not like that at all.  I now regret

my setting good examples to the children.

I have discovered Punk. I have seen the exhibition

in the Brighton Museum.  I wish I’d been a part of it

thirty years ago. Worn the gear, scandalised the neighbours.

listened to the Stranglers and the Clash, been a Banshee.

Now it is too late. I do not have the energy these days.

I feel the cold, no warmth in wearing chains.

I’ll have to think of other ways to be a rebel now


Vicky Darling