Museum Tales 4: Punk


Johnny Rotten rips his shirt, Sid Vicious covered in safety pins, Vivien Westwood says to Malcolm McLaren: ‘I’ll use the pins on you, to show my love, my aesthetic invention, a gift to you.’

Was it? And I didn’t know anything about it?

And he says to Vivien: ’I want to break down barriers: insult and goad them! I’ll spit and gobble, shake them up!’

Where was I when that took place?

‘Yes’ says she, ‘but I have to show off my good looks. Do something about hairstyle.

Green is the colour! It goes well with body piercing. Try it Malcolm!’

Down with the establishment!

Long live embellishment! I am on a short fuse. My clothes are bizarre .To Hell with social norms!

Was I asleep when all that took place?

Jazzy, hip hop outfits, disco, nightclubs, peer pressure, down with the old farts order

How come that I missed all that?

‘I am not worthless I am not unimportant,’ says he. ‘I have my band: two guitars, one bass, a drum kit and I can scream and yell. It will set a new trend.’

‘I’ll make for us t-shirts, leather jackets, spike bands, studs for jewelry,’ says Vivien.

Why, oh, why didn’t I hear this?

The music was too loud, that’s why: Sex Pistols were screaming at the top of their voices

‘Anarchy in the UK,’ ’God save the Queen’ to shock the establishment.

I know why: I was having a baby then.

Minou, minou,

show me what you’ve got,

she leans on me a lot,

this is jus another night, love…

I’m listening now to the discord

Don’t think I’ve missed much


Miriam Beza