Queer Looks launch day

Calling all those from the LGBTQ communities of Brighton and Sussex — Queer Looks launches on 1 July at Brighton Museum and we are inviting everyone and anyone from Sussex’s LBGTQ communities to come along and get involved.

B&W photo of individual with quiffed hair, large earrings and lipstick.
Mark, 1985

Queer Looks will be a display in the museum’s Fashion & Style gallery of outfits which reflect the last fifty years of LGBTQ history. What did you wear which said something about your sexuality or gender? Do you want it displayed in the museum? Bring it along and tell us, and see what else the museum has going on celebrating all things queer.

Photo of young woman with nose piercing, blonde hair, and wearing a white polo shirt.
Chloe, 2016

The day will be a chance to get involved and tell your stories. We will be photographing and filming people talking about their clothes so bring something along and tell us why and where you wore it and what it means to you. It doesn’t have to be high fashion; it’s clothing that expresses who you are – from the past or today.

If you want to tell your stories, or if you want to see what LGBTQ stuff is going on in the museum over the next few years, come to the museum on Saturday 1 July any time from 12pm until 5pm. We look forward to chatting with you and revealing those hidden LGBTQ histories.

Martin Pel, Curator of Fashion & Textiles

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