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ha922888_d01The images and text in these records are all available for free re-use.

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The Windmill, Patcham.

c1900 Monochrome postcard of the windmill at Patcham, Brighton.

Patcham Place

Mid 19th Century Print. View of Patcham Place, Brighton.

Old Cottage at Patcham

c1900 Monochrome postcard showing children standing outside The Old Cottage at Patcham, Brighton.

London Road, Patcham Nr. Brighton

c1900 Monochrome postcard showing the London Road, Patcham, Brighton.

Rev.William Gresley

Portrait of a man wearing a clerical collar and robes.

Digital Image

Digital image of albumen print portrait of William Moon, Brighton based author of 'Light for the Blind'.

Photographic Print

c1895 This is a photographic print of S. Shaffrans Hair Merchant shop in Brighton. Two men are standing in the doorway of the shop, and there are various signs and advertisments on the building.

Photographic print

1890s Photographic print of entertainers dressed in Pierrot costume, on the Palace Pier at Brighton. On the reverse it states that it is from the Boucher album.

Photographic Print

1880s This photographic print shows Brighton railway works. It is a view east from the neighbouring cliff. A windmill can be seen in the background.

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