Art group for adults. A friendly way to spend half a day!

Hove Museum offers adult art groups on Tuesdays afternoon. Would you like to pick up some tips on drawing and painting in a relaxed, friendly and informal way? Let you be guided by our talented painter Dave Cronin…

There are stories you learn only through working close to people and being willing to hear and share. There are qualities hidden in people you might discover by being open minded and curious. I discovered the talented Dave Cronin through going to Hove Museum each week last year to help out with the many different activities the museum offer to visitors of all ages. This art group is one of them.


Dave is a member of Hove Museum staff. He started his career in Royal Pavilion & Museums in 1992 working as custodian at the Booth Museum of Natural History. In that context he was surrounded every day by the exhibits of birds and animals from which he started to take inspiration for his drawings. Dave then turned these into resources in the form of line drawings that children could use for colouring throughout their visit to the museum.


Over the years Dave developed his artistic skills and focused his art on the realistic representation of the surrounding world, always preferring pastel colours to loud tones. He has always combined work and his passion for painting, becoming a great painter and displaying his works in many exhibitions.

I discovered he has a special studio in his garden: a large shed provided with electricity and heating and full of artist tools such as pencils, brushes, colours, canvases…and love! Here he listens to classical music whilst creating his works.

Dave has 50 years experience of drawing and working in water colour and acrylic paint. During the art group sessions he gives advice on working in these media. He specialises in landscapes, seascapes and portraits; he takes inspiration from books or uses images that just come into his head. In his paintings there is a bit of impressionism combined with a touch of realism and poetical atmospheres. I love his representations of the seafront and the way he paints the clouds in the sky, worthy of the great Romantic English painter John Constable.

Dave’s art groups aren’t art classes but a friendly way to get you closer to art, to get new ideas and to share them with people, exploring new ways of drawing or painting through his suggestions and various techniques.

Part of the aim of these workshops is to make the museum accesible to all, to open our workshop space to people and provide basic drawing materials such as pencils, paper and crayons. Dave is happy to share his expertise and offer advices and tips. He can get you started and help as you experiment and practice your skills, and you can bring any extra materias you would like to use, such as paints and canvas.

So, where’s the best place to get inspired if not the museum? Come along, invite your friends, and join the group. You will get the opportunity to make art between good practice, inspiring chats and excellent cups of tea from our great café.

Drawings inspired by the exhibition Birds of a Feather currently at Hove Museum (21 May-29 November, Free admission).

The workshops are on Tuesdays (3 – 4.30 pm). Check our web site for more informations. Ring Hove Museum on 01273 290200, or just come along on the day.

£3.00 per workshop.

Martina Bellotto, Hove Museum Assistant

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