Grown ups, join us for coffee and crafts!

Fancy a creative way to start your week? At Hove Museum art facilitator Nadya Derungs can make your day suggesting new ways to make art while relaxing and having fun.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Pablo Picasso

It was a rainy day last Monday and Hove Museum brightened it up! Every Monday morning there is a great opportunity here for adults to join crafts workshops lead by our fantastic facilitator Nadya Derungs. Nadya is an incredible explosion of creativity and every Monday provides the opportunity to experiment with amazing art techniques through various ideas and materials.

The craft class always starts with a nice cup of coffee/tea and croissants and with a constructive chat about the subject of the day – an open exchange of ideas between the participants. Nadya shares with us her enthusiasm while introducing the activity and giving us lots of tips.

IMG_2118_01_photo Martina Bellotto

The theme of the last two dates were customising and mosaic. It was great to have a vast range of material from which to choose (literally a pile…Nadya is used to carrying enormous bags full of stuff to the Museum) and that is pretty inspiring! People can make their choice on what to create just through searching the best bits and then combining them together, playing around in decorative ways.

So let’s start to choose!


IMG_2125_02_photo Martina Bellotto IMG_2133_03_photo Martina Bellotto

It is lovely to see people involved and launching themself into the “jungle”of materials. The great thing about it is that there are no rules, Nadya is just leading us on the right direction but leaving us free to experiment – and she is experimenting with us as well.

For the customising class people brought from home their bits to upcycle. People were weaving on a t-shirt creating new patterns, stitching colored buttons on a black bag, painting an old black and white shopping bag, trying monoprinting on an old pair of trousers. The atmosphere in the room is relaxed and full of creativity.

The class is a good way to take a couple of hours for yourself and also for socialising.

IMG_2145_04_photo Martina Bellotto

IMG_2134_05_photo Martina Bellotto


This was a terrific class. People decorated mirrors, flower pots or place mats with the most amazing coloured and decorative bits of broken tiles. Everything of course started from a pile of bits 😉

IMG_2165_06_photo Martina Bellotto

Once we have chosen our favourite bits we are ready to put them together – so the first thing is to plan our own design (that could also be changed on the way) – and the result is a great variety of patterns made on different objects.

IMG_2160_07_photo Martina Bellotto

IMG_2169_08_photo Martina Bellotto

IMG_2173_09_photo Martina Bellotto

I love the pots and the mirrors that the participants made and I’m sure this is not just about having fun, these workshops are about – first of all – providing a positive experience for adults and then also about creating beautiful things for decorating your home, garden, or even yourself (customising clothes). I’m convinced that living surrounded by art and beauty can positively contribute to our daily wellness. The arts are able to add much richness to life!

IMG_2181_10_photo Martina Bellotto

So, do you have some time on Monday mornings? Why not come and give free rein to your creative instinct in an informal and cosy context? Felt –making, weaving, mosaic, collage, water colour, mix media, drawing, painting and more are on offer in these craft-based workshops for adults.

The Grown-Ups get crafty classes are every Monday (10 am – 12 pm) until the 18th of July and then will start again after the summer holidays. Ring Hove Museum on 01273 290200, or just come along on the day.

Cost is £14.00 per workshop (tea/coffee and cake included).

Martina Bellotto, Hove Museum Assistant