Wildlife Photographer of Yesteryear

Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the new exhibition at Brighton Museum features some fantastic images showing wonders of the natural world. Humans have always been keen to capture wildlife within the confines of the camera. Some recent delving into the Booth Museum’s collection of magic lantern slides provided me with some fine examples. Not only were there some super photos, but many of them had been hand coloured by CH Cobbold of Hove, the elusive slide colourist I am researching. It is hard to believe that this is not a colour photograph of an ocelot, but a hand tinted black and white image.


This one shows the face of a boy as seen by a bee.

Bee, Vision,

Here is a close-up view of a wasp’s head with no risk of a sting!

Wasp head

Although it’s not a photograph, I couldn’t resist including this lovely chart of bird migration which reminds me of this year’s Brighton Festival theme and brochure.Bird migration


Finally, who wouldn’t want to give this little monkey a cuddle?

Sad, Monkey, Brighton, Booth

If you would like to see more slides projected through a real magic lantern, join me anytime from 12 – 1pm on Saturday 23 May at Brighton Museum when I will be holding a drop-in session as part of the Bite-Size Talks programme.

Alexia Lazou, Collections Assistant