Progress on the Chinese Wallpaper

Last month, the Keeper of the Royal Pavilion, David Beevers, Conservation Manager, Tim Thearle and paper conservator, Amy Junker Heslip went to visit the conservation studio where the Chinese wallpaper was being worked on.

Over the past three years response to the Saloon appeal made it possible for the historic restoration programme to begin: your generosity towards the Chinese wallpaper appeal made it possible to save a precious piece of Royal Pavilion history.

Without your donations this work would not have happened.

The wallpaper
Conservator Allyson McDermott and Keeper David Beevers examine the Chinese wallpaper

The Royal Pavilion staff were delighted to see the work in progress of the wallpaper in the workshops of Allyson McDermott, Specialist Paper Restorer. These sheets had been previously carefully removed from the Saloon walls at the Pavilion and transported to Allyson’s workshops for conservation.

The wallpaper
The wallpaper is stretched and dried on the drying all. The wallpaper in foreground is lined onto strong support paper.

Allyson’s workshop is specially set up for large format materials such as wallpaper, with a very large sink and screen to wash these items and a bespoke drying wall. After surface cleaning, wet treatment, lining removal and repairs the wallpapers are nearly ready for their return and we can’t wait to see them again!

Amy Junker Heslip, Paper Conservator

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