The Digital Media Apprentice diaries

Hello! I’ve decided to write a blog about my Digital Media Apprenticeship at the Royal Pavilion and Museums. I officially started my apprenticeship in October 2014, but I have been around since mid September.

I wanted to do something a bit different with my life. I had experience in administrative roles, but I wanted to do something where I could use my creativity. I didn’t really have time or money to commit to a full time course so I looked into apprenticeships. I was under the impression that apprenticeships were only for people aged 16 to 25. I was wrong and after some research I started applying for roles.

I applied for an apprenticeship with Brighton and Hove City Councils’ Housing Centre which I didn’t get. However, I was offered a work placement and worked at the Housing Centre learning about Brighton and Hove’s council property. I enjoyed my time there and learnt some valuable skills! I was contacted by an advisor at Brighton Jobcentre who had some apprenticeship roles within the council and one of those was with the Pavilion which I got!

My apprenticeship is mostly spent learning whilst I work in the marketing office which can be anything from manipulating images to putting new content on the new website. I go to college one day a week to learn the inner secrets of digital media. To say that I enjoy working here would be an understatement! I’m learning so much about the history of Brighton and Hove as well as developing skills.

My first ever task for the Pavilion was to resize images for the Pavilion web shop. I had already dabbled with using Photoshop personally. It was a nice and easy break the ice type of task although there were hundreds of pictures to go through! I have found since working here that there are lists and data by the truckload!

2014 marked 100 years since the start of the First World War which the Pavilion had heavy involvement in as it served as a Hospital for wounded Indian Soldiers’ and later on a hospital for limbless soldiers’’. One of my tasks for this was to read through the Pavilion Blues which was a newspaper for the limbless soldiers’ and grab pictures and stories. It was strange reading a newspaper that was written 100 years ago. I felt like I was a time traveller visiting the early 1900’s and reading the daily newspapers. I got to know the people who submitted stories and learnt much about their life during the war some light hearted and some harrowing.

The Royal Pavilion and Museums website was the next thing that I worked on. The old website was quite dated and the imputing system quite fiddly. I had a lot of involvement in creating pages and adding content to the new website and helping with the layout of the site. I even tried to take some photo’s to use in the website but I discovered that I’m not particularly great at taking pictures with serious camera equipment! I did get to see how the professionals do things and walked around the Pavilion for the whole day with a photographer and even featured in some of the pictures!

We used WordPress which is a content management system to create the website. WordPress is quite easy to use especially for adding images it’s literally drag and drop onto a page. I use it to create my own websites and since helping with the Pavilions I have learnt a ton of WordPress wizardy which has enabled me to help make other peoples websites!

I really enjoy working here and there is not a day that I do not learn something new which I will be able to use further into my career. I will keep an updated blog of my time here as often as I can!

Thanks for reading my blog post!


Nicola Adams, Digital Media Apprentice