The Subversive Design Get-in

Subversive Design is now roughly halfway through its run at Brighton Museum (it is open through into March 2014 – do go, if you haven’t already, it’s brilliant). Last autumn, just one week before it opened to the public, I grabbed a couple of brief chances to peak at the exhibition as it was being constructed. This was my final visit to Brighton Museum as part of the blogging residency.

photo 5-1

Old Jeff Koons exhibition banner, recycled to blackout the doors, while the Subversive Design is assembled.

photo 4

Exhibitions are always so tidy, it’s great to see them just before opening; a chaotic-looking pile of work-in-progress construction. The carnage behind the calm was one of the most fun things about peeking into the behind-the-scenes of Royal Pavilion 1photo 2-1photo 2photo 3

I hope the 20somethings and 30somethings of our city (especially those in creative businesses, of which there are many) become more engaged with the amazing work going on at Brighton Museum. This wonderful exhibition is crying out for grassroots local response, almost to the extent of warranting a ‘fringe’. What’s perhaps the missing piece in the Subversive Design jigsaw is The Underground Now; by which I mean the rapidly shapeshifting, memetic cascade of physical art, digital communication and counter-culture that reacts so quickly, creatively and aggressively to daily life. For example, Alan Moore’s V For Vendetta ‘anonymous’ Guy Fawkes mask as significant design artefact. But to respond, first they have to look!

Chris T-T, Blogger in Residence


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