Half term at the Booth Museum

Another half term has ended, and we’ve had another two very well received events at the Booth Museum, both in conjunction with the Brighton Science Festival!

On Monday 16th February, half term week kicked off with the ever popular animal handling session, this year run by Jaws n Claws. Phil brought in a number of fabulous animals from his collection, many of which have been rescued from abusive homes in the past (one of the pythons had even been burnt with cigarettes by his previous owner). Now healthy and well fed, these fascinating creatures were shown to enraptured audiences of children and adults combined!

The week then ended with one of our free discovery days, this time themed around skeletons. With myself and John showing parts of the collection, and our new volunteer Clara, a trained zooarchaeologist, talking about archaeological animal remains, and Penny providing a more child friendly experience in the bone gallery with an adapted bones outreach session, skeletons appeared to be a hit! We had over 500 visitors, and the donations for the week came out at almost £400.

So all in all a very successful week. If you missed the animal handling, there are still some tickets available for the event on the 30th March, and look out for more Easter and half term natural history events in our What’s On!

Lee Ismail, Curator of Natural Sciences

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