First steps for Fashion Cities Africa

Being part of the Programming team at the Royal Pavilion & Museums, I work with curators of all backgrounds, interests, passions and knowledge. Put three of them in a room at the same time to talk about fashion vs dress, design vs streetstyle and the HUGE topic that is Africa, and its going to be a lively, exciting afternoon.

Photo of books and papersLast week we held our first project meeting about our upcoming exhibition at Brighton Museum, Fashion Cities Africa. It’s one of the most exciting times in a project; when anything seems possible, when we have to think big before we narrow down and when all ideas are important. We covered the table with pictures and books and began to talk…..(and eat biscuits and drink lots of tea!)


Photo of two curators discussing Fashion Cities Africa exhibitionThe interesting thing about working with 3 different curators (Helen from World Art, Martin from Fashion & Textiles and Harriet, from the University of Sussex) is the different approach to content, design and interpretation they will all naturally take. And their voices are only a part of it – we will be working with communities, fashion bloggers, designers from across the UK and Africa to create this exhibition. Exciting times ahead!


Jody East, Creative Programme Curator