Museum Tales 2: My Museum Flower

The following piece was produced during the Creative Future Museum Tales course in the summer of 2014. The course, run in partnership with Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and funded by the Arts Council, enables marginalised writers to be inspired to write by museum artefacts and its surroundings.

My Museum Flower by Amanda Geary

Stolen from a vase amongst several

central to each table in the museum café,

a white-petaled button-hole bloom.


Yellow middle radiating petticoat frills

and cut stalk moist from its dip in Brighton tap-water,

it’s now denim-crushed, pocket-hidden.


Later, I may pluck each gentle blade

for loves refused or given,

remove them like insect wings.


Or, between the pages of a book,

carefully place this one-of-a-crowd flower,

an artifact for preservation.


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