Museum Tales 2: Birdsong and Sirens, A snapshot of a perfect summer day

Creative Future run creative writing courses at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery for marginalised writers. Dr Claudia Gould, the group facilitator, encourages participants to use Museum objects to inspire their work. Funded by the Arts Council England, these groups will be running again in spring 2015. If you’re interested in attending please contact Creative Future (01273 234780) for further information.

Creative Future run the creative writing workshops in partnership with Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

Birdsong and Sirens, A snapshot of a perfect summer day by Moray Sanders

The Pavilion Gardens

The Pavilion Gardens are packed with people sprouting like multicoloured bushes undisciplined on scorched grass, or lying entwined like bindweed on rugs of oblivious bliss. A babble of sound rises from them to engulf the warm air. Birdsong ruffles the breeze and is ripped away by the severing scream of a siren. The café, celebrating seventy years of tea and rock cakes, is sprouting people in plastic chairs. They dip and sway and clip silver spoons and forks against pristine cups and plates. The sound of the siren is long gone and everything is as it should be in the Pavilion Gardens on a perfect summer day.

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