New content on Story Drop… and a bit of Festival fun

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Story Drop compass view

Update 13 May 2014:

Present the Story Drop app with a completed Brighton Festival History Hunt tour and claim £2 off the full adult admission price to the Royal Pavilion! Offer valid until tour closes 30 May 2014.


We launched the first version of our free Story Drop smartphone app at last year’s Brighton Digital Festival. Since then, we have been working with Brighton developer Surface Impression on improving the user experience. We have also been working on new content for the app, and have just released three new tours — one of which may prove a bit of fun for anyone attending Brighton Festival events this month.

The new tours are:

  • Crime and Punishment in Brighton: a tour by Jennifer Drury of the My Brighton & Hove community website. Jennifer explores the darker side of Brighton’s history, with tales of an embezzling banker, a notorious hangman, and the infamous trunk murders of 1934.
  • Brighton Festival History Hunt: a short tour of four Festival venues in the city centre. What histories are hidden in their walls?
  • Histories of the Never Happened: Discover how Brighton & Hove may have looked very different today, if some of these ambitious schemes had come to pass.

We need your help

Story Drop is an ongoing experiment. Location based technology is still in its early days, and we need to know whether the experience works for you. We also want to know what sort of stories and tours you would like to see on the app in future.

You can help us by completing this short survey, which will also allow you to enter a prize draw to win two free tickets to the Royal Pavilion.

A few tips

Story Drop is a free download for Android devices, and iPhones and iPads. If you haven’t used it before, here are a few tips before you set off.

  1. Story Drop pre-load screen
    Story Drop pre-load screen

    Before taking Story Drop outdoors, it is best to preload some of the content with a wifi connection. When you first view the available ‘Tours’ the app will ask if you wish to ‘Pre-load tour contents?’ Choose ‘Yes’ and the app will download most of the data it needs. This will save you having to use your mobile data allowance to download additional data. It will also refresh the app with any new tours and additional content.

  2. It is also helpful to check the ‘Map’ while on a wifi network. This will allow the app to download the necessary map tiles from Google Maps or Apple Maps.
  3. The app works by checking your location, and comparing it to the location of the stories. To do this, it measures three different types of signal: the mobile network, any wifi networks in the area, and GPS (global positioning satellite). To ensure the app tracks your location as accurately as possible, please make sure your phone’s wifi is switched on, and GPS is activated.
  4.  Each locked story on the app presents a compass indicating the direction and distance of the story from your position. As you walk, the compass may behave slightly erratically. Sometimes, signals from other phones and wifi devices can briefly distort the readings.
  5. Have fun with the app, but keep an eye on your battery life. GPS and wifi can use a lot of power.

Kevin Bacon, Digital Development Officer



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