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Portait of Caroline Sutton, Blogger in ResidenceI’ve never had a better job title before – I am officially your new Blogger-in-Residence for the Royal Pavilion and Museums for the next six months.

I love how it sounds. A bit like the Royal Court Jester or the Royal Pot Cleaner-Upper.

Now we all know that when the Queen is ‘in residence’ at Buckingham Palace they raise the Union Jack.

Well, you may not want to put a flag up yet but you could follow me on any range of social media platforms to find out what a Blogger-in-Residence does when they are ‘in residence’.

Nosy Parker at the RP&M

I can’t tell you yet, you see, as I’m going to make it up as I go along. From what I can gather, being Blogger-in-Residence at the Royal Pavilion and Museums (it’s got a ring to it, hasn’t it?) is about being a complete nosy parker, wandering around asking cheeky questions.

Now I’m quite good at that. Before I became a respected member of society and an official Hove Ladee, I used to work on tabloid newspapers as a reporter. I’ve asked cheeky questions of many a person, some famous and others just notorious, bonkers or newsworthy.  There have been plenty of people like that passing through the Pavilion in its history.

I’ve covered all manner of stories in my career ranging from crime stories to glitzy showbiz to the world’s smallest horse.

For the last 14 years, I’ve lived in Hove and have got to know and love the city. My partner Ian and I have two children. We’ve just got a puppy so I’ve become a little dog-obsessed.( I’ve set a little challenge to myself to uncover a dog blog to write.)

Finding the behind-the-scenes stories at the Royal Pavilion

I now work as a freelance writer, journalist and tutor. Something I’m passionate about is getting people to tell their own stories. I’ve taught courses on social media, journalism and blogging and for me, it’s all about hearing real people talking about their lives.

And that’s what’s really attracted me to the Blogger-in-Residence post, as well as the ridiculously fancy title.

I want to find out the real stories of the people behind the jewels in our city. I’m going to talk to the people who work there, find out what it’s like behind the scenes, discover more about the vital community work which goes on and hopefully discover some secrets.

Get in contact with the Blogger-in-Residence online and in person

I’d love to hear from you. I’m going to be sitting at the café in the Brighton Museum once a week for a cuppa. I’ll let you know when. Pop over and say hello.

And if you want to find me on Facebook or Twitter, or follow the blog, you can add a new title to your CV. You will have officially become a Follower-of-the-Blogger-in-Residence for the Royal Pavilion and Museums.


If you want to find out a little bit more about me, try my website.



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