Live transcript of Twitter Q&A with Chris T-T, Blogger in Residence

Earlier today we held a live question and answer session on Twitter with our current Blogger in Residence, Chris T-T. Here is a transcript of that Q&A pulled from our Twitter timeline; all tweets presented in chronological order as they were sent between 1pm and 2pm on Tuesday 8 October 2013.

@BrightonMuseums.@christt is now with us and ready for your #christtqa questions…
@BrightonMuseums Let’s kick off with a prepared question…
@BrightonMuseums Q/ Why did you apply for this residency @christt?
@BrightonMuseums A/ my wife showed me ad and I honestly thought it looked like a dream residency that I’d never get. I’m perceived as too loud/rude…
@BrightonMuseums A/ …so I partly submitted a proposal to prove to myself that I could. Was over the moon to get a response even. #christtqa
@BrightonMuseums Q/ Has anything at the Museums inspired you to write a song?
@BrightonMuseums A/ great question, yes very much so, I have probably close to 20 songs-in-progress directly inspired by being at the Royal Pavilion…
@BrightonMuseums A/ …to be honest, if I was about to tour an album (that I’d finished just when I started the residency) I’d go straight into the studio…
@BrightonMuseums A/ … I *love* the idea of an album called The Royal Pavilion Disaster Cupboard, full of inspiring/odd objects & stories. Serious for 2014.
@MatthewPope @BrightonMuseums Q/ what has been the most surprising part of the museums collections you’ve encountered?
@BrightonMuseums Thx @MatthewPope – prob the bits I’d previously overlooked, like amazing subversive political histories in the Pottery Collection…
@BrightonMuseums A/ also I shocked myself with how squeamish I was about some Booth Museum stuff. @MatthewPope
@BrightonMuseums Does anyone else have a question for @christt? #christtqa
@jonathas @BrightonMuseums q/ the cafe stuff was cool. Are you going to miss that regular point of contact with people, personally &/or creatively?
@BrightonMuseums hey @jonathas tnx, yes I’ll very much miss it, partly cos the cafe was such a relaxed space but mainly the contact, as you say #christtqa
@christt Any Qs for me, over on @BrightonMuseums? I’m chatting about the arts residency here, which is nearly done.
@joncutups @BrightonMuseums @christt hi chris! Your AA Milne stuff was just right! Any plans for any other similar work? #christtqa
@BrightonMuseums hey @joncutups I think a Royal Pavilion album might be along the Milne lines, a bit more family-friendly than my ‘normal’ music. #christtqa
@BrightonMuseums @joncutups also, there are enough Milne poems that I looked at for a whole nother album, so one day maybe. 😉 #christtqa
@jonathas @BrightonMuseums That aspect was fascinating to me: a dedicated, physical, open space for communication is v exciting; away from the office.
@tristanbailey @BrightonMuseums @christt what would you tell any other future residents that you know you didn’t
@BrightonMuseums .@jonathas yes, also re. the cafe, once I’m off the road, I’ll be tempted to work there anyway in future, continue that potential.
@BrightonMuseums hi @tristanbailey thankyou! the scale is daunting, 5 (major) sites, all different & fascinating, so don’t attempt to be comprehensive.
@BrightonMuseums .@tristanbailey imo residency could be virtually full-time role, if they had funding – I barely scratched the surface in 6 mths. #christtqa
@tristanbailey @BrightonMuseums thanks. I know the challenge of getting across network of sites
@BrightonMuseums Last few minutes of the @christt q&a — anyone got a final question for Chris? #christtqa
@BrightonMuseums One last question for @christt — was there anything you couldn’t write about during your residency? #christtqa
@BrightonMuseums A/ I was surpised & v impressed by the open access – there were surprises I didn’t want to ‘give away’ or pre-announce. #spoileralert
@BrightonMuseums A/ main restriction was actually photos – for example the Royal Pavilion needing its ‘no photos’ loan conditions. (& J Koons!) #christtqa
@RosalieHoskins @BrightonMuseums @christt any advice for inspiring bloggers? What three traits do you think are most important?
@BrightonMuseums ace q @RosalieHoskins thx! write each entry on a one item/subject/story, not diary-ish; more storytelling (tho that’s just my taste)…
@BrightonMuseums .@RosalieHoskins 3 traits? 1) honest personal views 2) brevity 3) let story create emotion, then you don’t need to be emotive? I think?
@BrightonMuseums We’ve unplugged @christt from our Twitter account, so thanks to @MatthewPope @jonathas @tristanbailey @joncutups & @RosalieHoskins for qs!
@BrightonMuseums We’ll post a write up of the Q&A on our blog later today.


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