Podcast #2 – The Koons Collective

The Koons Collective is a group of young Sussex volunteers who’ve been challenged by Brighton Museum to produce live events and lines of merchandise, in response to the works in the current Jeff Koons exhibition.

They’re students ranging from 14 upwards and by chance they’re all women. Facilitated by freelancer Lindsey Smith, the collective’s next event is Play Late on June 20, from 7pm, at Brighton Museum.


I met them earlier in planning stages and had to interview them – they’re a very impressive bunch with a pile of great creative ideas. Since then, they’ve encountered significant red tape from the Jeff Koons Studio and learnt a lot about the logistic complexities of gallery work, yet they didn’t lose any of their focus or enthusiasm. This interview is edited down from 90 chaotic minutes that were full of laughter.

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Chris T-T, Blogger in Residence

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