Balloons, Gummy Bears and the Jeff Koons Collective

evIf you’d have come to me a few months ago when I joined the Jeff Koons Collective and told me that someday I’d be learning how to make balloon animals and making gummy bear art, I’d of looked at you as if you were crazy.

And yet here I am a few months down the line, still finding little patches of dried PVA glue on my jeans and practising making balloon poodles.

Why? I hear you cry. Now there is a good question.

Because one of the best ways to get people interested is to offer them something unique that they don’t get to do every day? Because art is more fun when you get involved somehow? Because I’ve always wanted to but never had the chance?

Well the answer is all of the above.

As part of the B-Fest 2013 the Jeff Koons Collective have organised an event called “The Gummy Bear Garden of Eden” on June 1st. If you are aged between 13 and 25, and have always wanted to learn to make balloon sculptures and see some sugary sweet artwork, then get yourself to the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.ev (1)

The event is free, but there will be a question to answer before you can get in; so you’d better brush up on your Jeff Koons knowledge. All of the answers can be found somewhere in the exhibition, so there’s no need to panic if you’re not an expert.

Consider this your formal invitation; drop in between 11AM – 3PM, Saturday June 1st, Art Room, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. Come and join us in our very own Garden of Eden.

Charlie, Jeff Koons Collective Member

Check out the Jeff Koons’ Garden of Eden facebook event to find out more.

Keep up to date with the Jeff Koons Collective and other young people by liking our Young People’s facebook page.

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