Murder in the Manor: the cast assembles…

Murder in the Manor, our digital storytelling project based on Preston Manor, will be going live this Friday!

To whet your appetite for our murder mystery, here’s an introduction to the characters featured in the story.

Portrait of Elizabeth Frankson-Yew

Elizabeth Frankson-Yew

Owner of Preston Manor.
Age: 40
Elizabeth is very wealthy and inherited Preston Manor from her mother. She had a horse riding accident when she was young which has left her with a limp. Although active in her youth, she now spends much of her time indoors practising embroidery. She is an avid collector of white ceramic Chinese lions.

Portrait of Thomas Frankson-Yew

Thomas Frankson-Yew

Husband of Elizabeth Frankson-Yew
Age: Mid 50s
Thomas is greedy, irritable and has a glass eye. He keeps a collection of glass eyes in a special cupboard, and chooses the day’s eye to match his mood. He likes his pet falcon. He dislikes his wife, her dogs, and Philip the Butler.

Portrait of Charlotte Medley

Charlotte Medley

Age: 23
Charlotte is beautiful, but with a cunning streak. Why is someone like Charlotte spending New Year’s Eve with the Frankson-Yews?

Portrait of Theodore Thompson

Theodore Thompson

Age: 22
Theodore has recently made himself part of the Frankson-Yew’s social circle. Although a similar age, he mistrusts Charlotte.

Portrait of Mary the maid


Age: 15
Mary hates her work and her life. She is sly and desperate to improve her status.

Portrait of Philip the Butler

Philip Gregor Jameson

Age: Late 50s
Philip has been working at Preston Manor for many years. Self-important, he enjoys being superior to the other servants. But this superiority masks his bitterness: he grew up in a middle class family that fell on hard times, and was forced to go into service.

Whose who’s who?

These characters and their biographies were all created by the young Little Green Pig writers at our very first workshop at Preston Manor. They are entirely fictional, and bear no resemblance to anyone who has ever lived at Preston Manor, but they were nonetheless inspired by the building and its contents.

The character portraits were produced by Rhona Garvin, a Hove based illustrator and Little Green Pig volunteer. Rhona helped at two of the workshops, and when we realised that portraits would help anchor the stories to the individual characters, she produced the illustrations based on the writers’ descriptions.

So is Philip the culprit? Or did Thomas have a particularly mean glass eye fixed in that day? You can solve the mystery this Friday.

The writers

Pearl Ahrens

Morgan Aplvor

Ava Aubrey Conboy

Chaska Covatti

Spike Jackson

Rhys Lamberth

Elsa Merrett

Estanislao Miles

Jasmine Render

Leo Rogers

Cleo Turner-Johnson

Update 29/04/13: Murder in the Manor is now live:

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