Caribous, Canada and the Meaning of Life

Following Brighton Writer Squad‘s visit to Brighton Museum, the young writers were asked to write a piece in response to an object (and another piece in response to a costume).

Jad Stacey (13) wrote a response to the caribou fur in the World Stories: Young Voices Gallery,

There was a Caribou. If you don’t know what a Caribou is, its effectively a Reindeer, but from North America. One day, as the Caribou cariboued across the tundra, a thought came into its head. Now, Caribou’s aren’t really known for being the most intelligent of animals, so this was quite a rare occurrence, especially because of what it was thinking. It was thinking, “What is the meaning of life?” Now, that is quite a question. A question that has been asked quite a bit, with many different answers. But all these philosophers, poets and Pythons in the past had been biased or already had expectations or further still, were being silly. But this Caribou, this furry Canadian reindeer had a far clearer perspective on the matter. But it didn’t have the foggiest idea where to start. Should the it start with the things in its life that it enjoys? Or the things that it wishes to do in life? Or further still should it start with the things that great people do? Then it realised that it was a Caribou, didn’t know about any great people and had no real goals in life.
It then realised that the reason why it had no goals in life was because it had achieved them all. It had lived a long life (for a Caribou), had continued its bloodline and had figured out how life began (you don’t want to know that, its boring). So was that it, achieving your goals? Was that the meaning of life? It was a bit broad and vague but it seemed to fit it so much. Putting “achieving your goals” to another side for know, The Caribou mentally flicked through the other options. To find love? Perhaps, but some creatures feel no need for love. To be happy seemed far too close to achieve your goals and most of its ideas branched onto the “be happy, achieve your goals, be good” train of thought. So maybe that is it? Love peace and happiness? And so The Caribou thought long and hard for many days and nights and at the end of this long, hard thought it came to the answer, Upon discovering the meaning of life it achieved the meaning and was happy.
Then a madman with a shotgun ran at it and shot it, dead.
                                                                     The End.
Caribous, Canada and The Meaning of Life - photo of Jad looking at piece of caribou fur that inspired it

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