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Update 22 April 2013: It’s all about Biba is now available to view!

Original post:

This Saturday, we’ll be running a Biba Believers event at Brighton Museum. It will be a day of sharing memories and stories about the iconic brand, and Biba founder and designer Barbara Hulanicki will be making a guest appearance.

A group of artists will be on hand to create a digital slideshow entitled It’s all about Biba. Once the clip is ready we’ll add it to this blog post and our You Tube channel.

Watch this space… 

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  1. Frances

    I took part in the photo and recordind session at the Biba open day on March 23rd and was told that the resulting slide show (with sound) would be available to view on http//bit.ly/Ytph2o. when will it be there? or is it elsewhere? I’m longing to see it, please reply soon and let me know how to access it.

  2. Lindsey Smith

    Hi Francis, we have just been finishing off the edit this week. It will be posted here as soon as it is ready – hopefully on Monday next week

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