Time to Stream: Tom Hamilton’s work at Brighton Museum

Tonight, it will be time to be Too Late? at Brighton Museum, a Late event inspired by our new Ice Age display.

We have a great range of speakers and events lined up, but for me it will be a chance to complete a project that began last summer. During last year’s Brighton Digital Festival, we ran New Cabinets for New Curiosities, an event that was intended to encourage the use of open data and re-usable images from our collections. The winning entry was provided by artist Tom Hamilton, who submitted the idea of Wunderflies. Wunderflies has subsequently morphed into something more mineral than animal, and where prehistoric ice melts into contemporary water….

Work in progress shot from Tom Hamilton's 'Stream'
Work in progress shot from Tom Hamilton’s ‘Stream’

Stream captures Tom’s experience of exploring our digital collections. I won’t do Tom the injustice of trying to fully explain his concept, but it incorporates themes of cultural memory and consciousness, with an interface based around different forms of touch. It’s an unusual approach to thinking about the meaning of museum collections in the digital age and also, I hope, rather fun.

Tom will be on hand tonight to talk about his work, so please come along with fingers poised…

Kevin Bacon, Digital Development Officer

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