Under an Iron Skin

Lauren Heckler has been working with us at the Booth Museum on her installation Under an Iron Skin, which is now completed. Lauren is in her second year of studies at the University of Brighton on the Fine Art Critical Practice course. Together with her fellow students and with their tutor Susan Diab, they visited the Museum during October and November, developing ideas for artwork responding to what they saw at the Booth. Lauren has used some of our unwanted specimens of butterflies in an unusual way, placed behind the cast iron heating grills in the floor of the Museum.

Lauren Heckler at Booth Museum
Lauren Heckler at Booth Museum

Her poem below captures her work.

Under an Iron Skin

I used to fly up in the sky,
Now there is iron under which I lie.
Who is to say that I am less free,
Resting in a space you don’t normally see.

I am protected from the tread of your fall,
Knowing this I do not feel small.
Existing where history and life collide,
Laying here dormant, no need to abide.

I now live beyond the confines of time,
So can finish the journey that started off mine.
Lucky to have realised this view,
Looking forward to being found, if only by a few.


The Booth Museum regularly hosts students from many university courses from both the arts as well as sciences and is always delighted to offer encouragement and guidance. Rarely does a degree show go by without something from the Booth collections being somehow represented. Lauren’s installation will be on show to the public at the Booth Museum until the end of February.

John Cooper, Keeper of Natural Sciences

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