Telling the stories of the artefacts, Mummy’s advice: all the help you can get

During July-August 2012 Creative Future ran a course at Brighton Museum called ‘Museum Tales’. Run by Liz Bahs, a published poet, course participants, all marginalized writers, produced the following pieces inspired by the Museum’s collection. At the end of the course they performed their work in the Museum galleries. The course will run again in January 2013. For more information check their website.

Creative Future run the creative writing workshops in partnership with Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

Museum Tales performance
Museum Tales performance
Mummy's advice
Mummy’s advice

This squashed insect, to be your amulet –

three pieces, pottery marked with cross-hatch

scratches, perhaps with finger-prints impressed,

flaked with sky-blue and hints of metal-rust –

is a beetle, Christ-like with wings outstretched,

an Egyptian scarab.  It protects us –

the dead – promises life resurrected:

sew it tight to the wrappings of your chest.

Amanda Geary

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