The Spud Octet visits Brighton

Gazette 12 August 1939
Gazette 12 August 1939

The “Spud Octet” Visits Brighton

The Mayor of Brighton (Councillor J. Talbot Nanson J.P) welcomed the “Potato Eight” to Brighton on Thursday morning.

The girls are picked leaders of the Women’s League of Health and Beauty, selected from all parts of England and Wales, and are making a six weeks tour of the country under the auspices of the Potato Marketing Board. They give half hour performances of “Keep-Fit” exercises, and link up these  exercises with the problem of nutrition.

Mr K.G. Cotman, an official of the Board, who is with the team, told a reporter that the girls have been travelling in a perfectly equipped dressing-room on wheels, with the rear portion divided as cubicles where quick changes can be made for an early performance. Over 3,000 miles will have been covered by the close of the tour, and an average of five shows given each day.

The girls all live on a diet in which potatoes figure prominently, and many of them have already lost several pounds in weight as a result.

In introducing the Mayor, Mr. Cotman emphasized the importance of exercise plus good food in the attainment of perfect physical fitness and argued that potatoes provide the perfect basic food as being easily digestible, a great source of energy, economical and tasty.

There were, he added, ad many as one hundred different ways of serving potatoes.

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