Telling the stories of the artefacts, Shabti Box

During July-August 2012 Creative Future ran a course at Brighton Museum called ‘Museum Tales’. Run by Liz Bahs, a published poet, course participants, all marginalized writers, produced the following pieces inspired by the Museum’s collection. At the end of the course they performed their work in the Museum galleries. The course will run again in January 2013. For more information check their website.

Creative Future run the creative writing workshops in partnership with Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

Museum Tales performance
Museum Tales performance

Shabti Box

This is my box. I’ve got to get it packed. It’s my time capsule for when my time comes. It will be found by members of my family I won’t ever meet. I’ll leave a map, they’ll know where to find it if they want to.

It’s only a small wooden box, two foot high and a foot wide. I’ve painted it to look like concrete because it will rest in a concrete niche in a wall, hidden behind a veil of ivy. By the time it’s found the paint will have come away in places and the wood will show through like little wounds.

I’ve put a picture of a sail boat on the top of the lid which is curved like a pirate’s treasure chest.  It’s a simple vessel like the ones used by fishermen in biblical times, a symbol of my journey to the other side. I’m going to paint a message, in code, all round the sides of the box, a sort of frieze.  I shall use ochre and brown to blend in with the hiding place. The cipher for the message will be in the box. The message will read:

This is my box, filled with love and joy and hugs and tiny kisses.

You can’t see them but you’ll feel them. This is not an empty box.

Moray Sanders

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