Brighton News Story – 18 October, 1790: Prince’s curricle gives way

On Saturday as the Prince was going through this town to Firle Place, in his curricle, some part of it gave way, which occasioned him to get out, and proceed on horseback.  His Royal Highness returned soon afterwards in Lord Gage’s coach.

From The Sussex Weekly Advertiser, 1790

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  1. SilverTiger

    It surprises me how often in the Regency period Royal vehicles are reported to fail or be involved in accidents. Imagine if Prince Charles’s limousine broke down or collided with another vehicle. The resultant furore and blame assignment would be enormous.

    Things were obviously a lot more relaxed in the Prince Regent’s day.

    • Royal Pavilion & Brighton Museums

      Good point. Prince George was famous for making the journey from London to Brighton in an unusually fast time, so he must have been driving his horses hard. Perhaps all the crashes were regarded as ‘racing incidents’…

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