New Cabinets for New Curiosities — what happens next?

Submissions for our Brighton Digital Festival 2012 project, New Cabinets for New Curiosities, closed on 30 September. We only received one submission — but, happily, it’s a good one.

Tom Hamilton has proposed the idea of taking our open data and images and creating Wunderflies: ‘Chaotic combinations of the abstracted forms of artefactual elements – architectural motifs, wheels, bones, buttons, shells etc… these conceptual beings are only briefly rendered visible as they digest their prey – the scraps of human curiosity, as they fall from our conscious attention down the back of the sofa of our subconscious minds….’

We are currently in discussion with Tom about how to develop this proposal, but you can find a good expression of his initial ideas on this blog. Watch this space to see how the project develops, but we hope to have something running in Brighton Museum over the next few months.

We will be closing the small display on the south balcony of Brighton Museum slightly earlier than planned. Its last day of opening will now be Tuesday 16 October. But you will still be able to view the content elsewhere. A version of the Map the Museum interactive can be found in the Brighton History Centre (and an updated version is also available online). We will also post online a version of the short video clip Tom has produced demonstrating a prototype of his idea in action.

Kevin Bacon, Digital Development Officer

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