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During July-August 2012 Creative Future ran a course at Brighton Museum called ‘Museum Tales’. Run by Liz Bahs, a published poet, course participants, all marginalized writers, produced the following pieces inspired by the Museum’s collection. At the end of the course they performed their work in the Museum galleries. The course will run again in January 2013. For more information check their website.

Creative Future run the creative writing workshops in partnership with Brighton Museum and Art Gallery.

Museum Tales performance
Museum Tales performance


(circa 1940) Ivon Hitchens

I climbed into the painting

it was a landscape

of ruddled blotches

and swimming slate blues

I was seven

we were looking

round the museum

my mother’s back was turned

only for a moment

and I was gone

scrambling through thickets

olive and angular

hauling myself up into milkpink

boughs of trees

dissolving in charcoal shadows

while my mother called my name

pools of verdigris

splashed me

I set fire to ochre clumps

spat out clots of sour henna

trampled pockets

of silver and sulphur

buttery smudges of sun

grew warm on my skin

but that was long ago

I live here still

among the kind paint

rolling in patches

of raw sienna

still a seven-year old boy

melting into pigments I hear

Prussian blue rustling

purring plots of umber

and in the distance my name

echoing around the museum

and my mother still calling   calling

Tony Spiers

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