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We have just released a new version of our beta Map the Museum website, developed by digital producers Caper. The biggest change on the front end is that users can now dispute the location of items and move them to the correct position. In the previous version, objects were fixed and there was no way for users to correct errors.

Map the Museum screenshot. Shows dispute function.


We have also amended the information supplied for each object. The fields now include the date of the item, and the place where it was collected. We are presently updating the records in the system, so it may take a while for some of this information to show.

But the biggest changes are behind the scenes. We have developed tools that will enable us to clean up the records, export the data in a readable form, and import new objects that can be pinned to the map.

Map the Museum is a resource that is designed to be shared. While the data we collect helps us learn more about our collections, we will also be releasing this as open data. You can help us by not only locating objects on the map, and correcting items that are in the wrong place, but by also providing your feedback. In particular, we would like to know what sort of collections you would like to see on the website. Please let us know using the poll below.

[polldaddy poll=6592171]

You can access the new version of Map the Museum at

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  1. Jan Ainali

    Awesome! Is the platform open source? We could sure use it in a simliar project, crowd sourcing locations of public art.

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