New Cabinets for New Curiosities — what can you expect to see today?

Our Brighton Digital Festival event, New Cabinets for New Curiosities, opens in Brighton Museum today. If you’re thinking of coming along over the next few days, here’s what you can expect to see…

New Cabinets for New Curiosities

The core idea of this project is that we are encouraging digital developers to use open data and images relating to our collections. We will showcase these works in the museum, and have £8000 worth of funding to turn one prototype into a completed project. As yet, we have received no submissions for this project, although the deadline is not until the end of September. We hope to feature some submitted works over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on this blog for updates.

Brighton Digital Festival 2012 logo
Brighton Digital Festival 2012 logo

But the gallery is not empty. We have taken the opportunity to show off our beta Map the Museum app. We launched the web version of this back in March, but this is a localised gallery version running with a fresh dataset. Later this month, we’ll be updating both the web and local versions with some new features. Again, keep an eye on our blog or our Twitter and Facebook accounts for details…

The other computer is being used as a place holder, while we await submissions, but we are using it to throw out a few ideas about what could be done with museum data. But we also want to know what you think. If you have a great idea for a digital project we could run, jot it on a sticky note and add it to the board. We’ll be posting some of these ideas on this blog. If you’re a Twitter user you can also comment with the hashtag #newcabs.

If you would like to develop something we could showcase in the gallery, and would like an informal chat, drop me a line at Although the deadline is not until the end of September, the earlier you submit your work, the more exposure we can give to your ideas and talents.

Kevin Bacon, Digital Development Officer

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