New Cabinets for New Curiosities: how to submit your work

Brighton Digital Festival 2012 logoIf you wish to submit work for inclusion in our New Cabinets for New Curiosities display, please use the form below to give us some details about you and your project. We need to know how you can transfer the project files to us, and also some information that we can use to promote your work.

The Form

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  1. All data collected will be solely used for the purposes of our New Cabinets for New Curiosities project, and will be stored and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  2. Easiest method of transferring your project to us is to share the files as a zip file via a cloud storage system such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Other methods, such as posting it on a DVD or CD, are acceptable, but may take longer.
  3. Please include brief instructions on how to run or install your project.
  4. We plan to post something about each project we showcase on our blog. We will use the text you provide as the basis of this, but if you would prefer to write a post on your own blog, we can link to this. If your prototype is included in the display, we will also give you the option of writing a new piece for your post.
  5. The fields for ‘Tell us about yourself’ and ‘What’s your project about?’ are optional at this stage, but highly desirable so that we can promote you and your work.

Kevin Bacon
Digital Development Officer

Brighton Digital Festival
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