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When considering where to go for my work experience placement I thought of Brighton Museum & Art Gallery for many reasons. Not only was I interested in art and other features the Royal Pavilion and Museums had to offer but also because it had a variety of departments, where I would be able to learn a variety of skills for the future. I am pleased to say that the week has been really enjoyable and I could not have chosen a better place.

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Pavilion Gardens
Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Pavilion Gardens

On my first day of work experience at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery — after waving at the security guards to be let in! — I visited the Exhibitions department and started out on my first job which was to do some admin for letters regarding a past exhibition. I learnt that it took a lot of time just to do things such as making labels and addressing letters but found it fun to do all the same! Later that day, I visited the Foundation department downstairs to get started on my next job, filing! This was also very enjoyable (despite the smell in the office and the songs of Jack Johnson!!)

Drawer of beetles at the Booth
Drawer of beetles at the Booth

Tuesday, I assisted Michael from the Education department in an under 5s drop in session, where I helped to set out a variety of activities for the children to explore and also was able to handle the skeleton of a swordfish — I think that I was more excited than the children! Later on, I visited the Booth Museum to deliver some stuffed animals that we had picked up from a school beforehand and was surprised to see the amount of animals that they had in storage behind the scenes.

Wednesday, I visited the Marketing department and sat in on one of their meetings. I was astounded by the amount of work put in to produce one of their regular booklets and how every detail was thought about.

Royal Pavilion Banqueting Room
Royal Pavilion Banqueting Room

Later on, I got to have a look around the busy Royal Pavilion. Whilst noting down the signs throughout I was able to marvel at the decorations that covered the inside.

Thursday, the penultimate day of my work experience, I visited the Retail and Trading  department of the Pavilion and all of its affiliates. This also gave me a chance to work in the gift shop and the first time that I’d ever had a chance to work in any shop before! I was amazed at all the different products it sold and also how hard the till was to work! I was also able to sit in on a meeting with someone pitching a new product to be sold, and learnt just how many things had to be considered when choosing what goes in to the shop.

Friday, my last day at my placement, seemed to have come round so quickly! I was given the opportunity to sit in on a meeting between the Exhibitions and Design department, which showed me just how many constraints were involved surrounding the final showcase and how detailed and planned it was, resulting in the brilliant outcome at the end!

I’d just like to say thank you to everyone that helped me throughout the week and a thank you to Jody for looking after me and organising all the activities that I have taken part in!

Florence Dennis,  Davison High School for Girls

  1. CJ

    How did you apply for the placement? Was it that hard to get experience? As I would be really interested to gain similar experience 🙂

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