Favourites from the Royal Pavilion Gardens — Budleja globosa, The Orange Ball Tree

Buddleja Globosa
Buddleja Globosa

Buddleja Globosa is also refered to as the Orange Ball Tree.

It was first introduced to the UK from Chile in 1774 and has established itself as a frost hardy plant. This species was first named under the genus Hopea after the Scottish botanist John Hope.

Buddleja globosa is a large semi-evergreen shrub. It is the only Buddleja to bear alternate dark green leaves that are oval with a short point to them. The orange / yellow cluster-like flowers give off a honey-like scent and give the plant an architectural shape with its globose heads.

Buddleja Globosa
Buddleja Globosa

In the Royal Pavillion Gardens it can be seen being used as an ornamental landscaping plant in the shaded corners of the Gardens, and in the borders along the paths.

It also serves the puropse of being beneficial to many species of birds as well as butterflies, bees and other insects making use of its nectar.

Maria, Volunteer Gardener, Royal Pavilion Gardens

  1. SilverTiger

    We visited the Pavilion and its beautiful gardens on July 7th (see my blog for that date). I missed the budleja globosa but saw lots of other pretty flowers and foliage.

    The gardens are lovely and one of the best spots to view them from is the terrace of the Pavilion tea room!

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